Ipsum Image

Placeholder image generator running completely on Google services, intended for assisting with initial layouts of web designs before actual images are available.
Created by Dan Moore, inspired by DummyImage. If you're interested you can read all about it.


To use, simply tack on the dimension(s) of your desired image to the URL of this page to get a PNG, or you can add .jpg to get a JPEG:

140x100/140x100 100/100 100/100.jpg 140x100/140x100.png

You can also change the background color, override the text, choose the font size, and even change the foreground color:

140x100/140x100,ff7700 100/320x100?l=IpsumImage|Hosted+on+GAE 100/100?s=30 100/100?s=10 140x100/140x100?f=ff7700

Ipsum Image also supports the DummyImage standard image sizes:

microbar (88x88)/microbar cga (320x200)/cga




dimension can be a single pixel count (square image), WxH, or a DummyImage standard image size. Maximum image size is 4000x4000.
bgcolor (optional, defaults to grey)
Hex color value.
format (optional, defaults to PNG)
Can be .png, .jpg, or .jpeg.

URL Parameters

When specified, the URL parameters take precedence over the path. In other words, the image returned for "100.png?t=jpg" will be a JPEG.

Label text.
Size of font.
Foreground/font color.
Background color.
Type of image. Can be one of {png,jpg,jpeg}.
Dimension override. Same format as the base filename (WxH or a standard size name).

About Ipsum Image